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Rockpool Rum bottle on canvas background


Rockpool Rum is an award-winning rum that offers a refreshingly modern take on a classic spirit. 

Created by four friends from Singapore with a passion for craft drinks and a love of exploring rock pools.


Rockpool is an expertly crafted blend of 3-5 year old rums from Barbados and the Dominican Republic. Smooth enough to sip, bold enough to create the perfect cocktail. 

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Rum is a drink of the ocean. And like the ocean, can be raging and rough. 

But on the edge of the wild waters, amongst craggy cliffs and windswept shores, an area of calm may be found. 

Here, saltwater forms pools, shallow and still, creating a safe harbour and protection from the buffeting waves. 

Each rock pool offers an experience of the sea, without the struggle for survival. 

And yet, every so often a cold wave will wash over, and with it, a refreshing reminder -

a rock pool may invite you in, but nothing can tame the ocean.

Perfectly balanced Rockpool rum is smooth enough to sip - but even better in a cocktail. Check out the recipes we've put together for you. There is something for everyone. More ...

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